განახლებას . სიტყვები . საუბარი . არქივი    

I hate having text posts on my blog, but this really skins my tomatoes and I’m sure you can all survive one of a select handful of text post from me.

I see so much stuff everywhere I go about making adolescent females feel better about themselves, because they have poor self-esteem and suffer from poor body image, blah blah blah blah blah. That’s all well and good, but people seem to be forgetting one very important thing - adolescent males have just as many issues with self-esteem as females do, and, to be quite frank, I could argue that they have it much, much, much worse than adolescent females in many ways. It really aggravates me that there is so much help specifically for adolescent females, and there are so many talk shows and television episodes and television shows and magazines and what have you dedicated specifically to helping adolescent females, but while all this is going on, adolescent males seem to swept under the rug and forgotten about.

I’m all for helping adolescents through adolescence, because adolescence fucking sucks, but it doesn’t only suck for adolescent females. Adolescent males have just as many issues with self-esteem and eating disorders and body image and friendship and stuff as adolescent females. If people began spreading more word about adolescent males and spotlighting their issues, more teenage males would get help for their problems instead of hiding them because they’re afraid nobody else like them has these problems. If more people were willing to spotlight adolescent males and their issues, other males would realize that they are not alone, just as adolescent females are not alone, and get help for themselves and help themselves through adolescence, which, again, sucks for everybody.

The end.